Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary Satara, Maharashtra – Safari Reviews
Are You planning a Wildlife Tour?
If yes than Koyna wildlife sanctuary in Satara is your destination, Located at a distance of 161 km from Pune, this sanctuary was listed in UNESCO’s world heritage site in 2012 form Kaas Plateau.
Brief Information on Koyna Sanctuary-
In 1985, Government of India declared Koyna as a wildlife sanctuary, the main aim was to conserve the population of tigers. But Today, Koyna wildlife Sanctuary is a home of four horned antelope. The visitors can also spot many rare species of birds including brown capped woodpeckers, fairy bluebirds, and long-tailed nightjars.

Total Area: 423.55 SQ. km
Best Time To Visit – October- June
Timing – 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Summer & Winter)
Attractions: panthers, Bengal tigers, Indian leopards, treking,camping,
Indian bison, sloth bears, sambar deer

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary Safari Information –
There are two ways to explore this sanctuary, one is trekking and other is safari. I think trekking will not be a wise decision and not feasible.

Safari Timing – Although the general safari timing on Koyna, is 6:00 AM to 4:30 Pm, but it varies half an hour of delay or before. If you are planning to take a safari ride to experience the wildlife of Koyna than follow below steps.
· Take an official guide along with each vehicle.
· Maintain a distance of 50 to 100 meters between two safaris.
· Take your ID card along with entry pass.
· Do not exceed the speed of a vehicle over 20 Km/h.
Other Attractions – Koyna is a paradise for the nature lovers, dense forest, rivers and rich wildlife is something a nature lover look for. Three rivers Solashi, Kandati and Koyna along with Koyna Dam makes it a popular tourist spot of Satara.

If you are fond of historical places, then you can visit Bamnoli village where Vasota Fort is located, A pride and glory of Maratha Dynasty. This fort was built by Malwa king Bhoja in 1170. Surrounded by rivers on the banks of Shivsagar Lake.

Activities to Enjoy in Koyna Sanctuary –
It is an ideal spot for picnic and weekend getaways near Pune. If you are creative enough then you can enjoy the following activities here-
Swimming, boating, raft making, river crossing, fishing, mud wrestling, water polo, trekking, valley crossing, mountain biking, Archery, rifle shooting etc.

Nearby place visit to Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary
Vasota tracking fort
Koyna River Camp
Tapola River Camp
Bamnoli Boting
Vinayak nagar ( shemdi math )
Kas pathar valley of flowers
Kaas Plateau VALLEY of Flowers
Kaas Wildlife sanctuary – tracking, Camping, stay at. Kaas Village Resort near Kas Lake
Vajrai Waterfall, Thoseghar Waterfall, Sajjangad.

How to Reach –
Koyna wildlife sanctuary well connected with rail and airways. The nearest airport and railway station are located in Kolhapur which is just 65 Km away from this sanctuary. Pune (161 Km) and Mumbai (250 Km) are other options for Airways.
Plan your holiday tour and experience the best of Koyna wildlife Sanctuary

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How To Reach

Mumbai and Pune to Satara by Transport Or Car
Get Satara City to Kas Village Resort 22 km.

Other Options for Google map to Kaas Village Resort Directions

Nearby visited tourist attraction :
Vajrai Waterfall ( 852 ft )
Kas Lake
Kas Pathar Valley of flowers
Kaas Wildlife Sanctuary
Bamnoli Boting
Koyna Backwater
Koyna River camp
Tapola River Camp
Kas Pathar hotels
Vasota tracking fort
Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary
Mahabaleshwer hill station
thoseghar Waterfall & Sajjangad.

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