Vajrai Waterfall

“Kaas Vajrai Waterfall” (near kas plateau, kas pathar valley of flowers satara, Maharashtra.
The land of Maharashtra is gifted with many nature wonders. Be it western ghtas which is home of thousands of rare species or mysterious caves at Ajanta; the magnificent forts boasting of historical marvels or be it the pristine waters and tranquil beaches of Konkan. These all places attract thousands of tourists every year. They are on the tourist map of every nature lover.

But if you are bored of these places and in search of the new tourist destination, then Vajrai Waterfall might be a very apt place for you. The waterfall is situated in district of Satara in western Maharashtra. This is part of Kas pathar / Flower Valley. The lush green mountains and the flowers in nearby flower valley please your senses. The pleasant weather actually relaxes you like anything. But the star attraction of this place is tranquility. The place is simply deserted and there are no hawkers, unwanted guides and cameramen to disturb you.

At the outset, when you see this waterfall from a distance then it doesn’t seem to be a waterfall also. You just see a white thread on the rocky background of Sahyadris. But when you reach near the waterfall and just have a look at it, and then you understand the enormity of it. The roaring water flows at very high speed and you can’t hear anything when you are in the vicinity of the fall. The height of this waterfall is 852 feet and it falls from a straight cliff. The water for waterfall comes from the river Urmodi. It is origin of river Urmodi.

The waterfall is perennial in nature and hence you will hardly find any day when it’s gone dry.

Now a day we hear a lot about the news of Kas Plateau/ Flower Valley being declared to be a world heritage site. The place is visited by UNESCO representatives as a part of observations of Flower Valley. But it’s a surprise that this place remained unnoticed by the media or trekkers or tourists. Most recently it came into news when a Marathi news channel had telecast a documentary on this waterfall. Maharashtra government has proposed the project named ‘Mini Mahabaleshwar’ which includes building tourists facilities at this area and constructing proper roads to reach this place. But as of now nothing has started.

So, it is a perfect weekend destination for all age groups. Just come here, enjoy the greenery, have a delicious Maharashtrian food in the silky grain farms and most importantly forget everything in the tranquility of this place. While you go back to your places you will carry a hell lot of energy and enthusiasm with you. The 2 days trip will rejuvenate you and will help you reconnect to yourself. So, all are invited, the waterfall is waiting for you.

Some details of the surrounding area are given for your reference.

Scope for Development of Tourists places at Satara:
1) Water Tourism:
Based on Sindudurg tourism development, Satara has wide scope to develop tourism. For boating, there are number of Dams/lakes like Shivsagar on Koyna, Koyna wildlife sanctuary, Kas pathar wildlife sanctuary , Kanher Lake, Kas lake, Urmodi lake. Bhambavali Vajrai Waterfall is surrounded by all these lakes. This milky waterfall is middle of these lakes. Government needs attention to develop water tourism in Satara.
2) Fort Tourism :
There are number of Forts around Bhambavali Vajrai Waterfall like, Vasota tracking fort, Ajinkyatara, Sajjangad, Pandavgad, Vairtgad, Chandangad, Sadashivgad, etc.
These forts are best places for trekking. One has to visualize this opportunity for developing for tourism.

3) Waterfall Tourism :
Thoseghar Waterfall, third largest waterfall of Maharashtra is south of Kaas Vajrai Waterfall, Bhambavali Vajrai Waterfall. In the vicinity there Kelavli Waterfall, Sandavli Waterfall, Kasani Waterfall and there middle Bhambavali Vajrai looks like the king of the Area .Bhambavali Vajrai Waterfall is number one waterfall in Maharashtra and second in India. It is expected tremendous tourist and trekkers’ attention in the near future.Nearby other places to visit:KAS PATHAR FLOWER VALLEY in the month of July to October.Bamnoli & Tapole – for boating.Sajjangadh Fort – Samadhi of Saint Ramdas.Thoseghar Waterfall.Chalkewadi for Windmills,.Mahabaalleshwar – Hill StationPachgani – Hill StationWai – GanpatiGondavale – Samadhi of Saint Gondvalekar Maharaj.Koyna-Chandoli Tiger SanctuaryPrecautions to be taken by Tourists while visiting Bhambavali Vajrai Waterfall.Visit only between 8.00 am to 5.00 pm every day.Avoid visiting this place in heavy rainsProhibited to eat non-veg one km nearby the waterfallThis is plastic free zone; don’t throw plastic bags, water bottles etc.Prohibited consumption of AlcoholSwimming is also prohibited (Ponds are quite deep)Trekking Precautions:Wear appropriate footwearRock faces can get very slippery.Streams as well as ponds are quite deep.Don’t eat leaves, flowers and fruits, mushroom etc. unless you are sure that they are safe. They could be poisonous. Be agile and cautious, as there are chances of encounters with reptiles like snakes, insects. Wild animals like tiger, bear etc.


By Air : Pune is nearest place to reach to Satara and then to Bhambavali/Kaas Vajrai Waterfall. From Pune you have to go by road to Satara – Kas Village.

By Road: (1) Satara to Kas, Kas Village.

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The Kaas Village Resort (Homestay) near Kas Lake Wives, very Cool, Romantic, under Forest Green Place. offers a golden Opportunity for tourists to spend a night in the village.

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How To Reach

Mumbai and Pune to Satara by Transport Or Car
Get Satara City to Kas Village Resort 22 km.

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