Around Kaas


You can visit following place which are hearby Kaas Plateau & Kaas Village Resort.

1. Kaas Plateau (kaas pathar) : The Kaas Plateau also known as the “kaas pathar” is a plateau situated 22 k m from satara in maharashtra,india.
It falls under the Sahyadri sub cluster of the Western Ghats which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.
The plateau is situated at an altitude of 1200 metres and is approximately 1000 hectare in area.
Kaas has more than 850 different species of flowering plant of which 624 are listed on the IUCN.
This is Kaas plateau place just 1 k.m. from Kaas Village Resort.

2. Kumudini Lake : This is shallow Lake situated near Rajmarg,of having 2 hectare area. The rare Flowers species observed here.
The Kumudini Lake is just 1 k.m from the Kaas Plateau & Kaas Village resort

3. Kaas Lake : this is famous Tourists point in all maharashtra, india. This point Photography point famous.
The Kaas Lake is just 1 km from kaas plateau & Kaas Village Resort.

4. Dak Banglow : The Dak Banglow is just 1 k.m from the kaas plateau & Kaas village Resort.
This is a Good place & popular tourists point near kaas Lake.

5. Kaas Dam : This is a constructed about 100 years ago to supply drinking water of citizens of satara and popular tourists point kaas village.
The Kaas Dam is just 1.5 k.m from kaas plateau & 2 minute of Kaas village Resort.

6 Kaas Vajrai Waterfall : The kaas Vajrai waterfall is just 2 k.m from the kaas plateau & 10 minute of Kaas Village Resort.
Near city of satara it situated near the Sahyadri hill its height is around 853 feet (260 m) , this is beautiful waterfall at.kaas village.
Popular tourists point near kaas village.

7. Kasai & Ghatai Temple : reserve area of forest for nature and forest conservation in the name of Gram Devata (Local Godess) this Kasai Temple place 2 k.m away from kaas plateau.
And Ghatai Temple place 3 k.m away from kaas plateau.

8. Bamnoli Boat Club :
This place is 10 k.m away from Kaas Plateau.
It is based east bank on “Shivsagar” this is Backwater of Koyana Dam.
Boat club and water Sports Facilities is available for tourists.
This is an Entry point to visit VASOTA FORT. This is Bamnoli place 10 k.m. away from kaas plateau & Kaas Village resort.

9. Vasota Fort :
This Fort is situated in the basin of Koyana.
The height is 1100 to 1153 feet from sea level Koyanas sub riwer imerges from Vasota Fort.
This Fort is also known as vyagnragad .permission from Forest Department is required to visit this Fort.
This is Fort place 15 k.m away from kaas plateau & Kaas Village Resort.

10. TAPOLA BOAT CLUB : With the 90 k.m long reservoir of the Koyana Backwater right at the door step , boating is one of the most popular activities that TAPOLA offers. This is Tapola place 25 k.m away from Kaas Plateau & Kaas Village Resort.

It is very beautiful place which was developed by shri Narayan maharaj (ANNA) This is picnic point also .Awesome nature and climate must visit this place at any Season .
There’s is an Gajamukhi Siddhivinayak and Bravimeshwar Mahadev it is 16 k.m from kaas plateau & Kaas Village resort.

This place is 10 k.m. away from Kaas Plateau.
And at 2000 feet height from sea level , about thousands of years old Shiv Temple is the place to visit
Hemadpanthi Construction is the speciality of this Temple. This is Yevteswar Temple place 10 k.m from Kaas Plateau & Kaas village Resort.

13. THOSEGHAR Waterfall : Thoseghar waterfall is a scenic spot located near the small village of Thoseghar 20 k.m from satara city at the edge of the Konkan region in Western and Thoseghar waterfall is just 30 k.m from the Kaas Plateau & Kaas Village Resort.

14. SAJJANGARTH FORT : Sajjangarth means Fort of good people is located near the city of satara.
India it is the final resting place of sant ramdas .
Entry and exit beyond these hours is restricted.
Sajjangarth is a popular place for pigrims and flowers of Ramdas Swami the spiritual guru of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
This is Sajjangarth place 30 k.m away from Kaas plateau & Kaas Village Resort.

15. AJINKYA TARA FORT : Is a Fort on the of the seven mountain surrounding the city of satara in the Sahyadri mountain of maharashtra, india.
It is a 16th Century Fort and now also holds the television tower for the city of satara.
This Fort has been the place where several pivotal moment in Maratha history took place.
This is Fort place 20 k.m away from Kaas Plateau & Kaas Village Resort.

16. MAHABALESWAR : Famous as the Queen of hills, Mahabaleswar is a hill Station that requires little introduction.
Kaas village resort also offers Mahabaleswar darshan Trips for its guests in comfortable.
This is Mahabaleswar place 70 k.m away from Kaas plateau & Kaas Village Resort.

17. PANCHGANI : A half an hour drive down the hill from Mahabaleswar towards wai,Panchgani is another quaint hill Station Famous for School.
Table land , Sydney Point & parsi point are the main attraction of Panchgani.
This is Panchgani place 70 k.m.away from Kaas Plateau & Kaas Village Resort.

The shri MamaLaxmi Temple of Kolhapur in Maharashtra,india.
Is one of the Shakti Peethas listed in various puranas of Hinduism.
According to these writings a Shakti peetha is a place associated with Shakti the goddess of power.
This is Mahalaxmi place 100 k.m away from Kaas Plateau & Kaas Village Resort.

19. KOYANA DAM : The Koyana Dam is one of the largest dams in maharashtra. india.
It is a rubble concrete dam constructed on Koyana River with rises in Mahabaleswar a hill station in Sahyadri range it is located in Koyana Nagar
Satara district nestled in the Western Ghats on the state highway between Chiplun & Karad.
This is Koyana Dam place k.m. away from Kaas plateau & Kaas Village Resort.

At.a distance of 6 k.m from Thoseghar waterfall.
Chalkewadi windmills from is one of the largest windmills farms in Asia Situated at CHALKEWADI in satara district of maharashtra.
It is among the popular satara tourists place.
This is Chalkewadi place 40 k.m away from Kaas Plateau & Kaas Village Resort.